You know probiotics but have you heard of PREbiotics? ft. Rowdy Bars

Prebiotics for gut health

You know probiotics but have you heard of PREbiotics?

Probiotics are the immune-boosting bacteria in your gut flora that help promote proper digestion, immunity, disease prevention and more. In a world surrounded by new and helpful probiotics let’s not forget about their sibling, prebiotics! Learn all about prebiotics and their impact on your overall health with this informative article sponsored by Rowdy Bar.

Your gut is a crazy place. Did you know you have almost 100 trillion bacteria living in your stomach right now!? Crazy, right. Well, all of these good bacteria play an important role in almost every aspect of your health. While you’re probably familiar with PRObiotics, the showboaters of the gut bacteria world, PREbiotics are the unsung hero.

What are Prebiotics?
Prebiotics act like food for their probiotics brethren. They are a type of non-digestible fiber that passes through the GI tract and remain undigested. Now, prebiotics aren’t just any fiber. They have a unique ability to withstand heat, cold and stomach acid. Once they make their way through the GI tract these prebiotics are then fermented by the other bacteria in your stomach, becoming food and fuel for probiotic bacteria in your gut.

Where do you get prebiotics?
There are a number of sources for prebiotics including raw dandelion greens, raw leeks, raw garlic and unripe bananas. We understand if those foods don’t sound so appetizing. That’s why we’re stoked about Rowdy Bars. These sustainable energy bars are not only delicious but are also packed with prebiotics! Plus, Rowdy Bars are made with just 8 food ingredients (that you can actually pronounce!). 

Rowdy Bars are made with:

  • Organic Cashews
  • Egg White Protein
  • Organic Coconut
  • Organic Yacon Syrup
  • Organic Tapioca Syrup
  • Organic Chocolate (YUM!)
  • Organic Flax Meal
  • Organic Coconut Oil

Rowdy Bars with prebiotics

Yacon Root
Rowdy Bars get their super prebiotic powers from Yacon Root! Yacon Root is a special source of prebiotics. Yacon root is actually a species of perennial daisy and is used as a gut-healthy alternative to sweeteners. Other sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin and sucralose are artificial and can have a negative impact on your gut health. Yacon syrup, derived from Yacon root actually IMPROVES your digestive health with its prebiotic properties that work with your gut bacteria. The sugars within the Yacon plant cannot be digested by your body, which is a good thing! This is why Rowdy Bars are low-glycemic but still taste amazing! No sugar crash!

yacon root | Rowdy Bars Article

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