You’re Sick, Now What?


You may have all the best healthy habits, but sometimes you just can’t help getting sick. We’ve rounded up a few tips on what to do when you find yourself with the sniffles (or worse!)

Know What’s Going On
Is it a cold, the flu, a virus or a bacterial illness? Answering the “what is this sickness?” question is the first step to getting better. Nasal congestion, coughs and sneezing are typical to common colds, but if you are running a fever or feeling achy, it may be the flu. If you’re unsure, head to your doctor or an urgent care facility. The physicians and nurses can also give you personalized tips for your symptoms.

Take That Sick Day
You may be tempted to take some cold medicine and tough out your illness in the office, but studies agree the best thing to do may be taking that sick day. You may not want to miss a day of work, but besides being the person hacking away at their desk, not giving your body a rest can make your symptoms worse and even extend the length of your illness.

Chill Out
The holiday season may be merry and bright, but the stress that comes along with it forces your immune system to work harder and can make common colds last longer. Practice calming techniques like deep breathing, mediation and yoga to get much needed R&R. Check out our past blog on How To Stress Less.

Take a Walk
Studies show that light exercise can reduce the length of non-serious illnesses. Use what many physicians refer to as the “neck test” to gauge if you’re well enough for exercise. If your symptoms are above the neck, including sore throat, nasal congestion or sneezing, you’re okay for light exertion. However, if your symptoms are below the neck (such as coughing, fever, body aches and fatigue), stay away from the gym to let yourself recover.

Know the Remedies that Work
A quick online search will show lists and lists of home remedies and medicines promising to reduce symptoms of the common cold and flu. While you can definitely feel the decongesting benefits of a steamy shower, other remedies may not be as obvious or useful. Studies show that supplementing with Zinc may shorten the duration of your cold. Hot tea and lozenges keep you hydrated and reduce the throat dryness and irritation of coughing.


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