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Frownies Facial Patch

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For those with big smiles and bold expressions, Frownies Facial Patches help to reduce the lines that develop near the corners of your eyes and mouth. What's the secret you may ask? These facial patches, made with all natural materials, help to maintain the youthful glow your skin yearns for. The patches are simple and comfortable for overnight use.*

  • Trains the skin and facial muscles*
  • Natural, skin-friendly materials*
  • Skin cells to position themselves to better support the epidermis*
  • Results build with each use until skin stays smooth and youthful-looking*


  • SEPARATE AND SMOOTH the crease in the muscle
  • APPLY moistened Frownies facial patches over the smoothed line
  • LEAVE on at least 3 hours preferably overnight
  • REMOVE patch by wedding to release adhesive
  • TREAT area with Immune Perfect before and after removing patch
  • Unbleached natural kraft paper with water-activated adhesive

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