Sea Kind Elysium Perfecting Serum


Sea Kind Elysium Perfecting Serum

Looking to youthen your aging skin? Adding Sea Kind Elysium Perfecting Serum to your facial care routine will produce long-lasting and beautiful results. Apply daily to create happy, healthy, and hydrated skin. *

  • Anti-Aging*
  • Hydration*
  • Firmness*
  • Resilience*
  • Complexion*
  • Smoothness*

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Sea Kind Elysium Perfecting Serum

HYDRATION: Elysium stimulates Hyaluronic and Glucuronic Amino Acids by 36.8% within 2 hours and 37.2% after 20 days. *
FIRMNESS: Elysium increases Type I collagen improving skin firmness by 34% in 48 hours. *
RESILIENCE: Elysium increases skin elastin for more resilient skin by 16.3% within 7 days and 31.5% after 15 days, *
COMPLEXION: Elysium improves skin’s optical opaque density for perfect complexion by 36.1% within 7 days and 81.5% after 15 days. *
SMOOTHNESS: Elysium reduces skin roughness creating softer skin by 11.1% within 2 hours and 9.3% after 20 days. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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