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Jaime Alcarez

Warehouse Team

Jaime is a part of our warehouse team, and we're happy to have him! Originally from California, Jaime has a rich heritage of Spanish and Mayan ancestors! He enjoys creating poetry, music, and art. Many people don't know that Jaime is also a talented vocalist!

Nicole Bauer, Senior Project Manager

Nicole Bauer

Account Director

Nicole was first attracted to Bulu, Inc. because of its company values and culture. She loves the fast-pace, high-stakes, no-two-days-are-exactly-the-same environment of the startup world. Nicole brings over a decade of experience tackling complex projects with her intense attention to details and fearlessness. As a part of the Bulu Crew, she enjoys wearing many different hats.

When she's not working, Nicole can be found learning something new, traveling with her husband, playing board games with friends, or chilling to the max with her two cats.

Tobin Brown
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Tobin Brown

Software Developer

After starting as an intern, Tobin joined Bulu as a full-time Software Developer. Tobin's dog, Simba, is an unofficial Bulu mascot, and can be found roaming the office a few times a week!

In his free time, Tobin enjoys working on his side projects, keeping up with technology, riding bikes, and enjoying Husker football and movies with his friends.


Nick Castner

Account Manager

After working odd jobs around Lincoln's startup community, Nick was eager to join Bulu's rapidly growing team. With marketing experience ranging from pizza restaurants to auto body shops, he loves that Bulu provides diverse learning opportunities that allow him to grow his job responsibilities.

When Nick isn't grinding for Bulu, you can catch him reading Game of Thrones, losing in Fortnite, or traveling to the destinations his friend group point out on a map.

Adam Choate, Bulu Box President

Adam Choate

Warehouse Director

With a decade of big company corporate experience under his belt, Adam leapt into the Startup world. This intrapreneur turned entrepreneur created and implemented programs such as textbook rental, and developed custom purchasing and shipping software. Adam proved his ability to identify, increase and manage hundred million plus dollar revenue streams while at Nebraska Book Company with its 250+ retail locations and with the launch of Neebo.com. Adam earned his BS in Finance at Tennessee Tech University and his MBA in Business Administration but the most impressive of all his achievements might be losing 40+ pounds in less than 3 months.

Tim Culwell, Controller

Tim Culwell


The Bulu Crew's resident financial genius, Tim graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Masters in Professional Accountancy. He also holds an active CPA license with a strong background in financial reporting and analysis. A born-and-bred Lincolnite, Tim is married with two lovely girls, Everleigh and Embree. When Tim's not helping the rest of the Bulu Crew with their math, he's reading, running or reluctantly watching Sofia the First (again.)


Hailey England

Warehouse Team

Haley was the perfect fit for a Line Lead with her awesome box packing experience! Haley’s favorite part about being Bulu Box Line Lead is her awesome coworkers. She is also known for always having a Scooters cup in her hand in the morning.

When she’s not ensuring a swift and safe box packing process, Haley loves to shop and watch Netflix, her current favorite show is Bates Motel.


Kelsey Fanders

Director of Brand Relationships

Kelsey started at Bulu Box as an intern and instantly fell in love with the Bulugan lifestyle which is just one of the reasons they snagged her up as a full-time Brand Relationships Director. Kelsey graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor Degree of Journalism focusing on Advertising and PR.

When Kelsey is not scouring the shelves, internet and trade shows for new products to sample, she is training for her next race, eating crab legs, busting out random dance moves, and raising her awesome sons, Kenneth Jude (a.k.a. “The Jude Dude”) and Knox (a.k.a. "The Knox-Star").


Kayla Green

Warehouse Team

Kayla grew up in Nebraska, but sure loves Mexican food! She enjoys going to shows and making crafts. Kayla can also cook very well! She has a great sense of humor and always makes her coworkers laugh.


Gary Greer


Gary arrived at Bulu with years of C-level experience in both private and public organizations. He lives to build Unbeatable Teams and has a knack for leading and motivating people. This quest to be part of great teams probably came from his days playing baseball in College and in the AABC Little League World Series at the age of 12.

When he is not working, Gary enjoys hanging out with his family, engaging in competitive sports and learning something new. He has this thing where he tries a new activity every month, which has resulted in several crazy experiences like indoor sky-diving, making home brew, and writing a children’s book.

In keeping with his desire to continually learn, Gary has a Bachelors Degree from Park University and a Master’s Degree from Kansas University. Additionally, he has an Institute Degree from Georgetown University, Leadership diploma from the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia and has graduated from the customer service program at Disney University.

Justin Handa

Justin Handa

Software Engineer

No stranger to the startup world, Justin joins Bulu Box after 6 years of engineering and overseeing devops for over 12 different companies. Justin has mastered the art of startup architecture and infrastructure. He is a pro at improving efficiency and scalability for growing companies. Justin got his start in the world affiliate marketing, giving him a competitive edge in the startup game with extensive knowledge of customer acquisition, lead generation, sales funnels, affiliate marketing and overall SAAS applications inside and out.

In his free time, Justin doesn't waste a second of enjoyment. He enjoys R/C Jets, traveling (especially if it's to throw down at the tables in Las Vegas), or anything that looks to be a good time.


Chase Hightower

Warehouse Team

Chase is a born-and-raised Nebraskan who loves to eat steak. Who doesn’t? Chase wants to someday jump out of an airplane with a parachute. He works out, plays basketball, and can even do a backflip! With his positive attitude and motivation, Chase is a great person to be around!


Sylvia Holloway

Customer Suport

Sylvia’s son will tell you that she is the Best Mom Ever, and we’ll agree! She loves spending time with family and friends and can also crochet! Sylvia dreams of going on a wild-life safari in Africa with her family. (Can the Bulu family go, too?)


Alexa Horn

Graphic Design

Alexa graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2018 and was lucky enough to snag an awesome design job at Bulu Box. She enjoys illustrating and uncovering the many mysteries of the Adobe Creative Suite. She likes reading anything (especially books by Erik Larson) and playing video games.


Pria Janssen

Brand Relationships

Pria is a Minnesota native, dontcha know? Since she has moved to Nebraska, she has fallen in love with the community of Lincoln! Seeking to dive deeper into the big things happening in Lincoln, Pria found Bulu! Anyone who has spent time with Pria may be exhausted by her constant motivation to move and do. It’s no surprise that Pria is a Spinning Instructor...for fun! Pria is dedicated to help create wins for Bulu, Bulu partners, and the community.

Paul Jarrett, Bulu Box Co-Founder, CEOLinkedInFacebookTwitterGoogle +pauljarrett.com

Paul Jarrett

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Paul Jarrett is no stranger to vitamins and supplements. He used supplements to help him gain 100 pounds and become a 307lb D1 starting defensive lineman in the Big 12. When his collegiate football career was over, Paul used vitamins and supplements to lose 100 pounds.

Paul's work experience spans the country. From NYC to San Francisco, Paul has launched million dollar brands such as Neebo and executed multi-facted campaigns for Lowe's and Nike. In 2010, Paul joined Complete Nutrition where he became the Vice President of Marketing and an Executive Board Member. He built the MarComm department, trained dozens of franchises and positioned Complete Nutrition and its products for success in a saturated market. The company's growth skyrocketed. In fact, it was one of the fastest growing startups in the U.S. Paul's experience at Complete Nutrition was the precursor to starting his own company. In 2012, Bulu Box was born.

Stephanie Jarrett Bulu Box Co-Founder, CMO

Stephanie Jarrett

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

With one hand strategizing big ad campaigns for successful brands like Jergens and Curel and the other hand sketching interactive design for brands like LeapFrog and TD Ameritrade, Stephanie made a name for herself as a multi-tasking master who oozes creativity and success. Stephanie built her portfolio as an Art Director and Interactive Designer for big brands like LeapFrog, TD Ameritrade and Complete Nutrition. Her varied marketing background, management ability, killer creativity, and online/offline skillset propelled her into the startup world.

Stephanie <3’s traveling, experimenting with new recipes, dominating her coworkers in Settlers of Catan games and trying to convince her husband to run full marathons with her.


Morgan Kumm

Account Manager

Morgan hails from the cornfields of Wausa, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Advertising & PR. Got a puzzle, crossword, or problem that needs solved? She’s your girl. As an Account Manager, she loves to get creative while assisting clients, and is always up for a challenge.

Morgan is a self-proclaimed orange juice aficionado who is always up for an adventure! As a born and raised Nebraskan, she’s obviously a Husker Football fan (ask her about the time she almost dropped the National Championship trophy). Out of the office, she can usually be found whipping up a batch of homemade cinnamon rolls, plotting her latest prank or ruining a nice family photo.


Vivian Kvam

Account Director

Vivian Kvam is a city girl native of Nevada who later transplanted to a farm in Nebraska. She has been running businesses since she was in high school and lived on a farm for a year. So not only does she know how to milk a cow – she also is a motivated, hard-working, natural leader who knows how to rally the team when the chips are down and have a whole lotta fun while doing it.

Vivian has founded two media companies. Her expertise ranges from content creation to b2b marketing to project management to business strategy. Vivian’s passion is people; her forte is getting things done.

Since coming to Bulu Group, Vivian does account directing, works with clients and partners to create four star boxes and keeps projects on track. She values relationships, integrity, learning new things and excellence in all she does.

Vivian attended Metropolitan Community College and Bellevue University. In her free hours she helps run a busy and successful commercial photography studio in Council Bluffs and enjoys hiking and backpacking. Vivian also likes to shoot traditional film cameras and has three cats – but she hasn't milked a cow in years.


Cody LaPointe

Inventory Specialist

For 9 years, Cody was a logistics specialist in the Navy. During his time serving our country, he was able to visit 14 different countries! Cody has worked in the Lincoln start up scene for the last 4 years with 2 different companies (including Bulu Box). Cody enjoys the culture of Bulu Box and the hustle and bustle of the warehouse. He manages warehouse inventory and continues to do First Class work every day, making Bulu Box great. In his free time, you'll find Cody working on his golf swing, riding his motorcycle, hunting, or fishing.


Tracey Latture

Warehouse Team

Tracey loves the sweeter things in life: chocolate and observing nature. She also enjoys listening to music and reading a good book. Tracey and her children produced most of the food they ate for many years. She is one awesome lady!


Brian Lee

Director of Marketing

Brian recently returned to the Midwest after adventures in the Hollywood television biz, Austin startup scene, and scaling businesses through sales and marketing funnels in Denver, Houston, and San Antonio. He came to Bulu via Silicon Prairie News and Big Omaha where he was the Managing Director.

When not at work, you can find Brian on a golf course, fishing for lake trout, dominating at cornhole, woodworking, gardening, snowboarding, or tasting local craft beers.

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Michael Maly

Art Director

Michael began his time at Bulu Box as an intern but has since graduated to Graphic Designer and self-proclaimed Hip-Hop Dance Enthusiast. Michael’s daily works include creating killer branded pieces, enticing blog graphics, and web design.

When this jack of all design trades isn’t busting out sweet graphics or putting together in-house photo shoots, he enjoys spending his time traveling, listening to good music and pursuing his passions.

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Mariah Nimmich

Director of Public Relations

A Washington state native, Mariah loves to sing everything from musical soundtracks (Hamilton or Funny Girl anyone?) to the praises of the Bulu Crew. Her strategic skill and killer ability to #BangTheDrum cemented Mariah’s role coordinating Bulu Box press coverage with media like CBS, Glamour and Buzzfeed.


Nicole Owen

Warehouse Team

Nicole was born and raised right here in Lincoln, Ne. She loves spending time with her kids and the occasional camping trip! In her spare time, you may find Nicole going to shows or volunteering at the Wild Life Rescue!

Hank Pfeiffer, Bulu Box COO and CFO

Hank Pfeiffer

Chief Operating Officer

Hank brings a diverse and all-around business background to the Bulu team. He possesses a balanced mix of strategic, operational, financial and organizational experience and abilities. Hank has a proven record of helping strong teams build great companies and see all stakeholders realize their goals and objectives.

Hank began his career working for 10 years as a corporate finance lawyer advising a wide variety of private and publicly held companies across the country on numerous aspects of their businesses. He has spent the last 20 years serving as a Chief Operating Officer executing a broad set of C-Level company-wide strategic, financial, operational and organizational responsibilities.

Hank has long standing ties in the Omaha, Lincoln and greater Nebraska business communities. He attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln receiving his B.S. in Business Administration and his J.D. in Law, graduating with Distinction.


Breon Philbrick

Warehouse Team

Breon is originally from Columbus, NE. Although he works out all the time, he loves a good burger! Skydiving is on this daredevil’s bucket list!


Marcus Quevedo

Account Director

First attracted to Bulu Box because of his love for health and fitness, Marcus quickly fell into place as Bulu Box’s Social Media Manager and Copywriter because of his love for writing and creativity. When he’s not writing content or doing handstands around the office, Marcus spends his time training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, woodworking, or talking about Space with anyone who will still listen.


Baileigh Rodgers

Director of Partner Strategy

Baileigh started with the Bulu Crew as a Social Media Intern, and quickly adapted to working in many areas including customer relations and marketing before settling into her role as HR Manager. Her strategic strengths not only help Baileigh implement new HR policies, they help Baileigh crush her fellow Bulu Crew in a game of Settlers of Catan. Baileigh also enjoys de-stressing with a good book, or any sci-fi show on the BBC (she'd give up everything to go time traveling with the Doctor).


Charles Wells

Warehouse Team

Charles comes to us all the way from Chicago! He’s got big dreams of building a legacy! Not many know that Charles is a talented writer, hip-hop artist, and clothing designer. When he’s not at Bulu, Charles enjoys doing some marketing work!


Zeke Winans

Warehouse Manager

As the Warehouse Manager, Zeke keeps the warehouse showroom ready and running smoothly for Bulu Box and Turnkey Subscription Box Solutions clients. Zeke graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with degrees in psychology and sociology. He ran track & field in college and has kept this competitive spirit at the Bulu Box Warehouse; he holds the title for Fastest Box Packer.

In his free time Zeke enjoys reading sci-fi books, hanging out with his wife and 2 cats and growing amazing mustaches.