The Good Life Halfsy presented by Bulu Box

Bulu Box Co-Founders Paul Jarrett and Stephanie Jarrett at the start of the half marathon where Bulu Box was created. 



























The Good Life Halfsy presented by Bulu Box

Bulu Box has a goal to give you a healthy discovery every month! In fact, Bulu Boxes are received by health conscious Bulugans in all 50 states. And now, we're excited to present our very own half marathon: The Good Life Halfsy. 

The Good Life Halfsy is a half-marathon distance road race in Lincoln, Nebraska, the hometown of Bulu Box Co-Founders Paul Jarrett and Stephanie Jarrett. Runners will be sent on a scenic course from east Lincoln’s Seacrest Field to Canopy Street in Lincoln’s new West Haymarket development. Highlights of the route include Holmes Lake, Antelope Valley, Union Plaza, the new Haymarket Ballpark trail, downtown stadiums, the new Lincoln pedestrian bridge and a finish line in front of Haymarket’s new Railyard. Runners will be able to see their triumphant finish on the Cube, a giant digital screen in The Railyard. Runners and race patrons can enjoy the Post-Race Festival at the Railyard on Canopy Street.

Oh, and did we mention that the course is almost entirely downhill? It's a great course for beginners and a real opportunity for experienced runners to set a PR.

“Bulu Box was born on the finish line of the San Francisco half marathon. So being the presenting partner of the Good Life Halfsy was an opportunity to return to our roots in a way.”
-- Paul Jarrett, Co-Founder & CEO of Bulu Box

“We’re proud to be presenting the Good Life Halfsy,” said Bulu Box co-founder Stephanie Jarrett, “and we’re excited to welcome Lincoln’s Mayor Chris Beutler for a few words after the 6 PM announcement.”

The half-marathon is capped at 3,000 runners and will sell out quickly. So don't dilly-dally - Sign up now!

Date: November 9, 2014
Time: 10:00 am 
Cost: $69



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