BioVi Probiotic Antioxidant Blend - Soft Chews


The intestinal tract is home to approximately 100 trillion microorganisms that help promote normal gastrointestinal function, systemic metabolism and accounts for 70 percent of your immune function.*

Factors in modern society such as food processing, food sterilization and depletion of nutrient-rich soil have helped make our diets deficient in healthy bacteria. As a result, unhelpful bacteria can assume control of your intestinal tract and sabotage your body with diarrhea, urinary tract infections, constipation and fatigue.*

BioVi™ can help restore your body’s proper balance of bacteria by recolonizing the good bacteria and strengthening your immune system.*

Designed to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your natural microbial population while creating a protective barrier from pathogens throughout the GI tract.*

  • All Natural, GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan
  • Designed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • Effective even when taken with antibiotics*
  • Survives stomach acids/gastric shock*
  • Supports a protective barrier in the GI tract*

30 Capsules

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule per day

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsules
Serving per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving % DV

BioVi™ Proprietary Blend:

Fiber (potato starch), Kluyveromyces sp. BO399®, Hydrolyzed Kluveromyces yeast proteins, Standardized Aronia Berry (Chokeberry) powder, Saccharomyces cerevisiae*

355 mg **
Inulin (chicoium intybus) 45 mg **
**Daily Values not established.

Other Ingredients:

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Warnings: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature