Eating a high-carb diet puts you at risk for being overweight. Why? Simple carbs — like bread, pasta, and potatoes — are burned for energy, but in excess they’re stored as fat. Now you can eat starchy carbs in moderation without ruining your diet — with Carboquel™, which:

  • Reduces calories from starchy carbs, with Phase 2®.* This all-natural, nonstimulant extract of white beans blocks carbohydrates from starches from being broken down and absorbed by your body, reducing their caloric impact.*
  • Supports blood sugar balance, with ChromeMate® — the most biologically active form of chromium.* ChromeMate helps maintain blood sugar levels already within a healthy range, helping curb carbohydrate cravings.*
  • May assist in weight control. When combined with a sensible diet and exercise, Carboquel supports your weight management efforts.*
  • Contains 1500 mg of Phase 2 per serving, 50% more than a typical dosage.