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VacuPractor - The Lower Back Fix

Lower back pain is the worst! Especially when it requires us to make frequent trips to the chiropractor. VacuPractor applies an outward pull on the lower curvature of the back. This pulls the spine curve rather than pulling lengthwise, straightening out the over curvature. VacuPractor helps stretch strained muscles allowing the back to relax and relieves the disks and nerves of pressure between the vertebra. Get back to feeling your best with VacuPractor! No one likes lower back pain, anyway. *

  • Doctor recommended *
  • FDA registered *

The VacuPractor is used at home on a flat firm surface.


  1. Lie down on the VacuPractor after wetting it with a damp cloth or spray bottle. A pocket of air will be trapped behind the curvature of the lower spine and the VacuPractor.
  2. Raise your knees to chest, one time to expels the trapped air and gently align the spine.
  3. Lower your feet to the floor, a vacuum is formed that pulls straight down on the curvature of the lower back.
  4. Straighten your legs to lengthen the spine and relieve pressure on the discs.
Relax on the VacuPractor for 5-15 minutes, enjoying the gentle vacuum pressure. You'll feel the back pain slip away.