Bulu Box Reward Points Program

At Bulu Box, our mission is to help you discover the vitamin, supplement and health products that help you feel your best. To make it easier to get the products you love, every subscriber is automatically enrolled in our Reward Points program!

The program is simple. We reward you for doing things you’re alreadying doing; subscribing, reviewing products and referring friends–and you rack up the Reward Points. When you sign up for a month-to-month subscription you will earn 50 points for each $10 Bulu Box.  You can earn another 40 points or more by completing short sample surveys—that's about $10 back in points each month, making your Bulu Box essentially FREE. Use the points to purchase full-size versions of the products that work best for you!

Earning Bulu Box Reward Points
There are many ways to earn Bulu Box Reward Points. Each month you'll have the chance to earn a minimum of 50 points. Here are some typical ways to earn points:

• Earn 20 points for completing your User Profile.
• Earn 50 points for each $10 Bulu Box you pay for in your subscription. 
• Earn 1 point for every $2 spent on full-size products. 
• Earn 50 points for each friend you invite that signs up
• Earn 10 points for each sample survey you complete. There's at least 4 each month!
• Look for other ways to earn extra points on sale items or by sharing or tweeting on social media.

If you ever want to know how many points you have, just check your account page.

Redeeming your Bulu Box Reward Points 
You can apply your points to any full-size product purchase. Just use the slider on the Shopping Cart page to select how many points you would like to use. Reward Points must be applied in increments of 25. Every 25 Reward Points is worth $2.50. 

Points are not redeemable for cash. Your points will expire 90 days after the date you earned them so spend them while you can.